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RL Spears LLC - Honeybees, Honey, and other products.

Stolen Nectar Honey

Honeybees can travel up to two miles to find nectar for making honey.  Although you can't prove it, my honeybees. . .  might be. . . gathering nectar from the neighbors.  They make a "beeline" back to the hive and mix it with what other honeybees have gathered in my yard.  No one is the wiser.  While they are out there, they are "borrowing" pollen on their legs.  They leave a little on a flower here and on another flower there, helping farmers and gardeners along their journeys. We refer to our honeybees as our little bandits.

Pet Products

Only the best will do for our picky pet.  That's why we developed a special line of pet shampoo.  Made with all natural and organic ingredients, this shampoo cleans and conditions the skin and hair, leaving our furry family soft and huggable.  It helps our dog so much that he sits by the tub and whines until we give him a bath. 

You can feel safe that you are doing the best for your pet by using Snob-Dog shampoo.  Think of it as a spa for your pet.  And, your pet can have a spa every bath day.  

RL Spears LLC

Hello from Randy and Linda Spears, owners of RL Spears LLC.  We grew up in the Midwest where we developed our love for the land and all things natural. 

Randy has spent many years reshaping the earth, buildng erosion control terraces and ponds as well as wetlands and other conservational projects.

Linda has been a gardener from the time she could walk, following behind her mother as she gardened.  Through gardening organically she learned natural ways to approach gardening, cooking, and living.


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