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Spears Natural and Organic Best - SNOB - The Snob-Dog Story

Hello, we are Randy and Linda Spears.   Welcome to our Company and our Passion.

That passion is to provide the highest quality natural and organic products for your pets.

Although "SNOB" is an acronym, it is also an attitude of only wanting the highest quality of all natural and organic products for your fur family.

If you are here, then I am sure you feel like we do.  You have made the decision to stay away from harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients found in many pet shampoos that can damage your pet's health and well being.

This has been a lifelong journey for us. When our son started having health issues at the age of 3, we learned the benefits of natural and organic ingredients for our food and everything else we bring into our home.

Since soap is a product that is put directly onto the skin, we feel it is important for it to be as pure as possible.  For this reason, we are snobs when it comes to soaps, and would like to invite you to also become a Snob-Dog Soap Snob.

Each of the products we offer have been designed, formulated, and tested by us.  We do not use any chemicals, synthetic ingredients, or animal products. Each product is a unique blend of natural and organic plant based ingredients and essential oils.

All of our pet shampoos are made to human standards.  This is the only place you will find these unique and exceptional soaps and shampoos.

We got our Snob-Dog as a puppy.  Before he was a year old, he developed “hot spots” where he scratched off his hair and then licked these spots until he had sores.  In the discovery process, he had dry skin and allergies.  Part of our holistic approach included designing an oil rich shampoo especially made for him which would soothe the sores so they could heal.  This shampoo did such an amazing job, we decided to offer it for your pets.

Our goal is to give you a one-stop site for you and your pets for high quality soaps and shampoos.  Please be patient with us as we introduce our products one by one.  We will be formulating them for specific benefits and personally checking  them to make sure they are of the highest quality we can offer.

Wishing you the best of soapy bathing,
     Randy & Linda Spears
          & Snob-Dog


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